Chicken Planning….

Step One: My journey begins with a trip to the Town Hall (February, 2019) to ensure that we can have chickens. We have a little over 7 acres and while I was fairly certain we could have them but, I wanted to be sure. The answer was yes, we could have them and to my surprise we can even have roosters and goats! Insert – Happy Dance!!

Step Two: My husband and I had been to an open house at Clark Farm here in CT a couple of years back and saw first hand beautifully crafted chicken coops that were predator proof! We definitely have predators here as we live on a cove and sit in the middle of a forest. So, I ordered a Gambrel style chicken coop (end of February) that measures 5′ wide with nest box 6′ x 6′ Long and 6′ Tall. The coop/run will be delivered mid-May and I will do another blog post on that day.

Image on Clark Farm websiteh

I also ordered the 6′ walk-in run to match.

Also shown on Clark Farm website and it will be painted to match the barn red gambrel coop.

Now, this was not the first coop/run I ordered. I was going to get a much smaller one that wasn’t a walk-in and housed fewer chickens. After much thought and reading up on maintenance I chose the walk-in for easier access, cleaning, and well….space for more chickens! šŸ™‚

I also ordered all of my chickens and one rooster from them! The types are pictured below and yes, I’ve already named them! They will be raised as pets and for their eggs.

I learned while at the Town Hall that I would need to complete a building permit and site plan. Check! This was approved to move forward!

Step 3: We had a professional electrician come out last week (April 6, 2019) to dig a trench that runs from the house out to the coop/run area. That too, needs to be inspected before covering the trench and then we can clean up the ground area.

So, I’ve thought about doing this for almost 20 years and it is really exciting to see all of this coming together! I am also an artist and plan to paint my chickens when they arrive!

Painting done years ago! Looking forward to painting my own chickens soon! Visit my art website to learn more about my art:

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