Trench for Electricity

4/17/19 – Well, the trench was inspected by the town and so now begins the fun part! Now we have to fill the trench back in by hand! Luckily our ground base is a sand composite so it is fairly light. However, there is a layer of rock above the sand which is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is I will use many of the rocks collected in the coop area and I’ve already used them to line the walkway leading into the coop area.

I posted a video in the morning when I started which you can see on my Instagram here:

Now, this image shows how far I got after 3 hours of posting the video.

Trench filling! Getting there! Very tedious work.

Not very far, LOL! I’ll be back at it tomorrow evening and then we have some rain this weekend. So, unfortunately we won’t get back to it until next week. The delivery of the coop and run is scheduled for mid-May so we still have plenty of time to get everything cleaned up! Can’t wait to have my chicken family!

Break time!

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